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Dual Enrollment

Approval process

Dual Enrollment allows students to apply their college level work to both their high school curriculum and their college curriculum. If you are a current UA Early College student and your high school offers Dual Enrollment, you may select the appropriate form below, complete the "Student Information" section, and submit the form to your high school counselor. Your counselor will then complete the form. The counselor or the student may return the form, but it is the student's responsibility to ensure the form is submitted.

Dual Enrollment Form:

Dual Enrollment Transcripts:

As part of the Dual Enrollment process, you will need to submit the Dual Enrollment form before taking your college course. After the course is complete, your transcript will be released to the high school counselor listed on the Dual Enrollment form. A counselor may submit the completed Dual Enrollment form, but it is ultimately the student's responsibility to ensure the form is submitted.

The Dual Enrollment form may be submitted:

  • By mail to UA Early College, Box 870369, Tuscaloosa, AL, 35487-0369
  • By secure email to
  • By fax to (205) 348-3165, followed by an official hard copy by mail

*Before starting the Dual Enrollment process, be sure your high school counselor has completed the approval form


Does My School Have a Dual Credit Agreement with UA Early College?

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