Course List

Once you become a UA Early College student and pass the UAEC 200 Gateway course, you will be able to choose from a broad selection of University of Alabama online courses. Academic advisers will help you decide what courses to take, based on your anticipated college major, high school requirements, and extracurricular activities.

Online courses are offered year-round, and you have the flexibility to study anytime, 24 hours per day / 7 days per week, anywhere you have access to high speed internet. Fall and spring courses are taught online over a 15 week term. Summer courses online are taught over a 10-week or a 4-week term.

  • Fall term usually runs from mid-August to mid-December
  • Spring term usually runs from early January to early May
  • Summer 10-week term usually runs from late May to early August
  • Summer 4-week terms run the month of June and the month of July

Typical Courses - Fall, Spring and Summer



Core Area

AAST 200

Introduction to African American Studies

Social Behavioral

ANT 100/102

Introduction to Anthropology / Cultural

Social Behavioral

ARB 101/102

Arabic I/II


ARH 252/253

Prehistoric to Medieval; Renaissance to Modern

Fine Arts

BSC 108/109

Cellular / Human Biology for NON health-care majors

Natural Science

CHI 101/102

Chinese I/II


CJ 100

Introduction to Criminal Justice

Social Behavioral

CJ 100

Introduction to Criminal Justice

Social Behavioral

CS 102

Microcomputer Applications

Prerequisite for all Computer courses

CS 202/205

Info. Highway/Web Site Design

Computer Science

CS 285

Microcomputer Applications II

Computer Science

EC 110/111

Micro-Economic Applications (need appropriate math placement score)

Social Behavioral

EN 101/102

English Composition I/II

Freshman Comp.

EN 209/210

American Literature I/II


HD 101

Life Span Human Development

Social Behavioral

HES 250

Career Development/Planning


HY 101/102

Western Civilization to 1648 / Western Civilization from 1865


HY 203/204

American Civilization to 1865 / American Civilization from 1865


JA 101/102

Japanese I/II


JN 200

Introduction to Journalism


MATH 110*

Finite Math


MATH 112/113*

Pre-calculus Algebra / Pre-Cal and Trig.


MATH 121*

Calculus for Business


MC 101

Introduction to Mass Communications

Social Behavioral

PHL 100

Introduction to Philosophy


PHL 223

Medical Ethics


PSC 101

Intro to Political Science

Social Behavioral

PY 101


Social Behavioral

REL 100/112

Intro to Religion / New Testament


SOC 101

Introduction to Sociology

Social Behaviroal

SP 101/102

Spanish I/II


TH 114

Introduction to Theater

Fine Arts

UAEC 200

Gateway study skills class - prerequisite to enroll in future courses. Two hours of college credit.


WS 200

Introduction to Women's Studies



*Math placement is determined by ACT/SAT math subscore, or by UA math placement test.