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Proctored Testing

If you are enrolled in a course that requires a proctored test, an approved proctor must administer your tests and exams (not a parent, guardian or friend). Students enrolled in online courses have several options for exam proctoring: online, on campus or off campus. 

Testing deadlines are provided in each course's syllabus or schedule, and it is the student’s responsibility to schedule tests in accordance with the established deadlines. Some proctoring options must be scheduled 3-4 days (or more) before the exam.

In the course, you will see a link to "Smart Proctoring." Do NOT use this link. Follow the below instructions to set up a free proctor for your tests.

Free Proctored Testing for UA Early College students 

You may ask for approval from your high school counselor, principal, or approved teacher to proctor your test. On a case-by-case basis, the Bama By Distance Testing Services Office may approve a high school teacher (ACCESS teacher and/or designated teacher). 

For proctor form approval, visit

  • Provide your name, CWID, Crimson email address, phone number, and the specific course info (i.e. PHL 223-600).
  • List the proctor's name with the proctor's phone number and email address where the proctor wants to receive instructions about your test.
  • Discuss testing dates with your proctor - Be sure that you ask your proctor for approval before submitting their name. Your proctor will receive your test instructions, so discuss what dates, what time, and where you will take each test/exam. 

Changing proctors

If a student changes proctors, please submit a new proctor request form to the Bama By Distance Testing Services office for approval. Just a reminder, all test information will continue to your original proctor, unless you notify Bama By Distance Testing Services at 800-467-0227 of a change in proctor. 

If you have specific questions about proctor selection, please contact Bama By Distance Testing Services at 800-467-0227 or