Message From Our Director

Welcome to UA Early College! I am Victoria Whitfield, and I have the wonderful privilege of serving as the new director of UA Early College at The University of Alabama. Since 2010, thousands of high school students have chosen to earn college credit through UA Early College. Today, UA Early College students are represented in over 40 states across the United States and internationally, and students are represented from every school sector including public, private, homeschool, and charter. Lastly, UA Early College students have earned over 25,000 course credit hours while maintaining a cumulative UA GPA of a 3.5!

UA Early College is a program that places the needs of students first. Students are supported from the moment they begin our introductory college readiness course (UAEC 200), which teaches students how to successfully transition from high school to college. Students are monitored academically and supported by a student­-centered UA Early College staff and faculty. Staff members work to ensure that action plans are put in place should students need assistance, communication is made periodically and consistently to students, and parents are always welcome to contact us should questions or concerns arise.

UA Early College offers over 80 online and on­-campus course options. There are a wide variety of courses that are appealing to students’ future career interests. We offer classes online, or students can participate in our Summer Residential Experience. During the Summer Residential Experience, students can live on The University of Alabama campus and physically attend college classes while meeting other UA Early College students.

This is an exciting time for our program. Our recruiters are working diligently to connect with educators, students, parents, and the community. If you would like for them to visit your school, please let us know. Our staff is exploring new ways to meet students’ needs academically.

Through our college readiness course, advising process, and support system, students are taught personal responsibility, communication skills, and organizational skills.

I look forward to working with UA Early College students and parents, educators, partners and leaders in the future. Have a wonderful year and Roll Tide Roll!

Victoria WhitfieldSincerely,

Victoria M. Whitfield, PhD
UA Early College