With UA Early College, you get ahead with college courses from a top-50 research university, while you are still in high school. You are surrounded by a support network whether you take courses online or on campus. Peer coaches are full-time UA students who mentor and guide you in the transition to college study. Your classes are taught by student-centered UA faculty. Academic advisors help you decide which courses are right for you.

  • You can earn up to 30 hours of college credit, online or on campus.
  • You can potentially receive both high school and college credit (dual credit) by taking UA Early College courses and get ahead without doubling your course work. You choose flexible course options; online 24/7 or on campus during the summer.
  • You may be eligible for a partial tuition scholarship. (Call (205) 348-7083 or email earlycollege@ua.edu for current tuition and scholarship information).
  • You use vibrant technology that includes video, podcast, web-conferencing, wiki, group projects, interactive modules, and discussion boards.
  • You still enter The University of Alabama as a freshman, still eligible for freshman scholarships and Honors College, even if you have Advanced Placement (AP) credit.
  • Your credit transfers broadly to colleges and universities nationwide.
  • You are eligible for special UA benefits: Priority housing for entering freshmen at UA (when you earn 17 or more hours of credit with 2.5+ GPA by December of your senior year of high school).
  • You can be admitted through UA Undergraduate Admissions without submitting SAT or ACT scores (when you earn 17 or more hours of credit with 2.5+ GPA by the summer following high school graduation).

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