Getting Started - Overview

Are You Ready to Get Started?

When to Apply

You may apply anytime, because we accept students year-round. Your first step is to complete the application process. You will choose your best time to participate in the first class meeting and complete the month long UAEC 200 College Readiness Course.

Your First Class

After you are admitted to UA Early College, you begin your college studies with the UAEC 200 College Readiness Course. You and your parents participate in the first class meeting of UAEC 200 - either on campus, online, or at a facility in your local area. Then, you complete the remainder of UAEC 200 online during the 4-5 weeks following your orientation session.

College Courses

After you successfully pass the UAEC 200 College Readiness Course, you are eligible to enroll in University of Alabama academic online courses. You can find the online course list here. Or, you may choose to take courses on campus at The University of Alabama by commuting to campus or participating in the Summer On Campus experience.

Who is Eligible?

You can apply to UA Early College anytime during your sophomore, junior or senior year of high school if you have a 3.0 or higher GPA,* cumulative from the 9th grade.

*High school grade point average must be at least 3.0 on a 4 point scale, or the equivalent, cumulative from the 9th grade.

"UA Early College is the best decision our family could have made. My daughter has had the opportunity to transition into the world of college in a protected and supportive environment. She established good study habits and rose to the challenge of high-level course work. Not only has she already earned college credit - she is confident that she can handle college, and so are we."

April Williams
Parent of UA Early College Student