Commute to Campus

Whether you choose to live on campus with the Summer On Campus experience, or to commute to campus for summer, you will enroll in regular University of Alabama courses. With high school approval, students who live close to campus may also take courses on campus during fall and spring.

You will take regular freshman and sophomore level college courses with other University of Alabama students on campus in Tuscaloosa. It’s a great way to earn college credit from a premier university and get a feel for the college classroom setting. Plus, you have the UA Early College support network of peer coaches and academic advisors to help you transition successfully to courses on campus.

Fall, Spring, and Summer Terms

  • Fall UA semester is 15 weeks from mid-August to mid-December.
    • Fall II is 10 weeks from September to December.
  • Spring UA semester is 15 weeks from early January to early May.
    • Spring II is 10 weeks from February to May.
  • Summer full term is 10 weeks from June to August.
    • Summer split term is four weeks, either June (Summer I) or July (Summer II).
    • You may participate in one or both. 

I had an awesome time and really loved getting to be on campus.  I enjoyed getting to go to the libraries and all of the buildings on campus are just so beautiful! Plus, it has built my confidence - I'm already doing well in college.

Past UA Early College student