The Student Success Coaches work hand-in-hand with our faculty to monitor the progress of students’ academic performance. As needed, these Success Coaches collaborate with students to ensure they have a clearly defined path for success in their courses.

The Student Success Coaches can meet with a student once, or regularly, throughout the semester. During a meeting, students may ask questions about their work load, extracurricular activities or study schedule.  This will help the Student Success Coaches provide advice and practical methods for managing academic work successfully.

Meet Our Student Success Coaches

Picture of Ma’Kiyah Hall, a Success Coach with UA Early College

Ms. Ma’Kiyah Hall

Ma’Kiyah assists students enrolled in: COM, EN, HY, PSC, CL, JCM, REL, PY, and SOC courses.

Subject Abbreviation Course Subject
COM Communication Studies
EN English
HY History
PSC Political Science
CL Classics
JCM Journalism & Creative Media
REL Religion
PY Psychology
SOC Sociology

Picture of Jerrod Newell, a Success Coach with UA Early College

Mr. Jerrod Newell

Jerrod assists students enrolled in: AAST, AC, AMS, ANT, ARB, ARHAYBSC, CH, CIS, CJ, CS, EC, ENGRGEOHD, MATH, PHL, SP, TH, and WS courses.

Subject Abbreviation Course Subject
AAST African American Studies
AC Accounting
AMS American Studies
ANT Anthropology
ARB Arabic
ARH Art History
AY Astronomy
BSC Biological Sciences
CH Chemistry
CIS Computer Information Systems
CJ Criminal Justice
CS Computer Science
EC Economics
ENGR Engineering
GEO Geological Science
HD Human Development
PHL Philosophy
SP Spanish
TH Theatre
WS Women Studies

This is not a comprehensive list of courses offered by The University of Alabama. If you don’t see your course(s) listed here, the Student Success Coaches will still assist you! Please contact the UA Early College office, at or 205-348-7083, to be put in touch with a Student Success Coach for your course(s).