The UA Early College Parent Leadership Council is a great way for parents of current UAEC students to engage in this rewarding experience during their student’s participation in UA Early College. This is another way for parents to share their family’s experience and their student’s success, and allow others to see how they can become engaged and involved.

Our goal for the Parent Leadership Council is to assemble a diverse group of UAEC parents who can each bring different experiences and insights to the whole council. Not every student is the same, so their parents will experience UA Early College in various ways.

UA Early College PLC Overview

Mission: The UAEC Parent Leadership Council is comprised of parents of UA Early College students who serve as a liaison between UAEC and other parents and those in their community. Ideal members are energetic, creative, and dedicated to the mission and vision of UA Early College and its support of students and their families. Members of the council will:

  • Build awareness of UA Early College in their local communities and networks
  • Provide feedback about the student and family experience to the UAEC staff
  • Support UA Early College initiatives and encourage involvement and support from others

UAEC PLC Responsibilities

  • Tell your story! We will ask PLC members to participate in our marketing efforts by contributing a parent’s perspective through various channels
  • Meet virtually once a semester with each other and UAEC staff to discuss issues concerning parents and high school students
  • Promote “staying connected” with UAEC among parents of current and prospective UA students
  • Be knowledgeable of UAEC staff and campus resources and share information about those with other UAEC parents.
  • Take an active role in promoting the opportunities of UA Early College to other parents, students, school administrators and community members
  • Serve as a resource and strong support network to other UAEC parents to address concerns and questions that may arise (request to make PLC members’ contact information will be made available on the UAEC website)
  • Advocate for dual-credit opportunities in their local school systems

UAEC PLC Eligibility

  • Your student must have successfully completed the UAEC 200 College Readiness Course
  • One membership per household (spousal/partner involvement welcome, but only one seat on council will be from one household)
  • Council members allowed to have a student who is one-year removed from the program
  • UA faculty and staff are eligible to apply if they meet the other requirements

UAEC Selection and Term

  • Selection based on assembling various perspectives (location and school type will be considered) to ensure strong representation of all UAEC families
  • Council members will serve a one-year renewable term (a new application will be submitted each year)
  • After two consecutive years of service, members must rotate off council for one year, but can reapply after the year break
  • The service year runs June 1-May 31

Application Process and Timeline

Step 1: Complete the PLC Application

  • All interested individuals must complete the online application by Friday, August 27, 2021.
  • Applications will be received and reviewed during the spring by the UA Early College Parent Leadership Selection Committee. Each application will be considered on an individual basis and applicants will be selected to move to Part 2 of the process based on the strength of their application.

Step 2: Conversation/Next Steps

  • Once applications are reviewed by the Parent Leadership Selection Committee and candidates are selected to move forward, a conversation with UAEC staff will take place for final evaluation
  • If selected for the UA Early College PLC, members will participate in a welcome/orientation in September.