COVID-19: Programmatic Information FAQs

Who should I contact with specific UA Early College questions?

Contact the UA Early College office at 205-348-7083 or email during normal business hours, which are from 8 AM-4:45 PM.  Our associates will assist with all inquiries and may transfer inquiries to the appropriate UA Early College staff.

How should UA Early College students proceed with coursework?

UA Early College students will resume classes on Monday, March 30.  Instruction for all remaining classes this semester will be taught remotely. There will be no further person-to-person or on-site instruction. Students should receive instructions from their course instructors concerning updated course schedules.

If my high school is not in session, how should I schedule proctored exams?

Students should contact their course instructors for specific course proctoring information.  For additional information, contact UA Testing Services at 205-348-6760 or

If my high school previously provided technological resources (computer equipment, WiFi, etc), how should I proceed with my online coursework?

Campus facilities with internet access will remain available for those who remain local.  Students from areas without high-speed internet or other means of receiving remote instruction should discuss their circumstances with their instructors. Arrangements will be made to assist with meeting course requirements.  UA Early College does not provide technology equipment to students.  UA Early College students may reach out to their high schools to determine if technology equipment may be checked out or rented to complete online coursework; however, this is student’s responsibility and is unrelated to UA Early College.

Will dual enrollment coursework be affected this semester?

No—Because UA courses will resume on March 30, students will complete coursework as normal.  Certified grades will be sent to high school counselors after final exam week.

Who should I contact if I need strategies for academic success while taking online courses?

Ms. Emory Johnston is the Student Success Coordinator for UA Early College.  Her primary role is to work with students on time management strategies, study strategies, and student support.  She may be reached at or 205-348-7083.

Does the Pass/Fail option impact UA Early College students?

UA Early College dual enrollment students should weigh any impact a pass/fail designation may have on their high school transcript.   Students should seek guidance from their high school counselors/administrators regarding pass/fail options and dual enrollment transcripting processes.  Only then, should students make a final decision regarding spring grade options.  We have encouraged high school counselors to send additional communication to students regarding these implications.  Should students select a pass/fail option for any spring course, we will transcript the course pass/fail grade on the certified grade report.