Working Together for Their Future

UA Early College works with high school educators to develop the future leaders of our world. They depend on your advice, and guidance and your encouragement is an important part of a student’s decision to participate in UA Early College. We support educators in this important endeavor and provide presentations, data, and advisors who can answer your questions.

Getting Ahead with UA Early College

Students in UA Early College can earn University of Alabama college credit while in high school and still enter The University as a freshman, eligible for freshman scholarships, orientation, and other freshman benefits. Freshman status is not compromised by participation in UA Early College, even when your students also bring in AP and IB credits. UA Early College students are also eligible for special University of Alabama benefits, such as priority housing or admission without SAT or ACT scores, when you earn 17+ hours with 2.5+ GPA through UA Early College.

Students can also take advantage of dual credit opportunities. UA Early College has dual credit agreements with over 300 high schools within the state of Alabama. Students taking a UA Early College course simultaneously earn both college and high school credit for the course. This is a unique opportunity for students to get ahead without additional course work.

Students begin with UAEC 200 College Readiness Course. They participate in the first UAEC 200 class session either on campus, online, or in your local area, and then complete the UAEC 200 College Readiness Course online over about four weeks following the first session. In UAEC 200, students learn the following:

  • UA Early College instructor stands at the front of the class room, with presentation notes in hand, as she laughs with U A E C 200 students in the course.

    How to navigate Blackboard Learn and myBama

  • How to manage time successfully
  • How to demonstrate critical thinking in a college discussion
  • How to prepare for a college test
  • How to format college papers and works cited, using MLA 2009
  • How to conduct scholarly research, using UA Libraries online
  • How to write a college essay and avoid plagiarism, using
  • How to communicate professionally with professors and college personnel
  • How to be a successful college student

Counselor Resource Folder

This folder contains a variety of information about the UA Early College program for counselors or educators to disseminate to students and parents as they see fit. Videos, fliers and social media graphics are a few of the items available. If there are other resources that would be beneficial to have that are not found in the folder, please email the UA Early College office to request these at