The UA Early College Program staff wants to ensure that K-12 personnel are familiar with secondary and postsecondary course correlations. For this reason, UA Early College faculty and staff have consulted and outlined the following course parameters in order to further communication with statewide dual credit systems.

On September 13, 2018, the Alabama State Board of Education amended the Alabama Administrative Code, Rule No. 290-3-1-.02, pertaining to secondary course credit awarded for postsecondary coursework through dual enrollment. The revised rule now includes the following language: “Semester credit hours at the postsecondary level for high school courses specifically named as a requirement for graduation as outlined in AAC Rule 290-3-1-.02(8)(a) are determined according to guidelines established by the SDE.”

UA Early College faculty and staff ensure that the following courses warrant the awarding of secondary credit for postsecondary/college-level coursework. In order for students’ transcripts to accurately reflect approved dual enrollment course credit(s) earned at an Alabama four-year college or university, the following course codes have been added to the 2021–2022 Subject and Personnel Codes:

Dual Enrollment Course Alignment

Subject High School Course(s) Suggested State Course Code UA Early College Course(s)
English English 11 and/or English 12 22999C1005 EN 101 + Optional American Literature Component
EN 102 + Optional American Literature Component
EN 101 + Optional British Literature Component
EN 102 + Optional British Literature Component
EN 205
EN 206
EN 207
EN 208
EN 209
EN 210
Mathematics Mathematics 4

* Various prerequisite options for the courses listed

22999C1006 CS 100 (Computer Science)
CS 104 (Computer Science)
CS 312 (Computer Science)
MATH 100
MATH 110
MATH 112
MATH 113
MATH 115
MATH 121
MATH 125
MATH 126
MATH 227
ST 260
Science Science 3 and/or Science 4

* Various prerequisite options for the courses listed

22999C1007 AY 101:102
BSC 108
BSC 109
BSC 114:115
BSC 116:117
CH 101
CH 102
CH 104
CH 105
CS 100 (Computer Science)
CS 104 (Computer Science)
CS 312 (Computer Science)
GEO 101
GEO 102
GEO 103
GEO 104
GY 101
GY 102
PH 101
PH 102
PH 105
PH 106
Social Studies World History 1500-Pres 22999C1008 HY 101 or HY 102
U.S. History I HY 103
U.S. History II HY 104
U.S. Government PSC 101
Economics EC 110 or EC 111

* Various prerequisite options for the courses listed above

World Languages Elementary Arabic 22999C1009 ARB 101
Elementary Chinese I CHI 101
Elementary Chinese II CHI 102
Elementary French I FR 101
Elementary French II FR 102
Elementary German I GN 101
Elementary German II GN 102
Elementary Japanese I JA 101
Elementary Japanese II JA 102
Intermediate Japanese I JA 201
Intermediate Japanese II JA 202
Elementary Korean I KOR 101
Elementary Korean II KOR 102
Elementary Russian I RUS 101
Introductory Spanish I SP 101
Introductory Spanish II SP 102
Intermediate Spanish I SP 201
Intermediate Spanish II SP 202
Fine Arts Intro to Visual Arts I 22999C1010 ARH 151
Survey of Art I ARH 252
Survey of Art II ARH 253
Intro to Creative Writing EN 200 * Various prerequisites
Motion Pict. History and Crit. JCM 112
Intro to Listening MUS 121
Introduction to Theatre TH 114
Electives Intro African American Studies 22999C1011 AAST 201
Dirty Jobs AMS 205
Intro to Anthropology ANT 100
Intro to Cultural Anthropology ANT 102
Discoveries in Archaeology ANT 103
Intro to Criminal Justice CJ 100
Greek Roman Mythology CL 222
Rhetoric and Society COM 100
Principles Human Communication COM 101
Critical Decision Making COM 122
Public Speaking COM 123
Interpersonal Communication COM 220
World Regional Geography GY 105
People, Places & Environment GY 110
Life Span Human Development HD 101
Intro to Story JCM 100
Journalism and Social Media JCM 200
Intro to Mass Communication MC 101
Intro to Philosophy PHL 100
Medical Ethics PHL 223
Intro to Ethics PHL 292
Intro to Psychology PY 101
Intro to Religious Studies REL 100
Religion in the News REL 103
Religion in Pop Culture REL 104
Intro to Sociology SOC 101
Social Problems SOC 202
History of Social Welfare in US SW 200
Intro to Women Studies WS 200
Any other UA course not listed above
Career Tech Intro to Accounting 22999C1013 AC 210
Intro to Advertising APR 221
Intro to Public Relations APR 231
Intro to Design Software CIS 250
Computer Science I for Majors CS 100 *Various prerequisites
Computer Applications CS 102
Computer Science Principles CS 104
Web Foundations CS 202
Web Site Design CS 205
Spreadsheet Applications CS 285
Database Applications CS 302
Computer Science Special Topics CS 312
Law in Society LGS 200

to College

College Readiness Course 23991C1000 UAEC 200