UA Early College is designed to help you succeed. Whether you have questions, need guidance, advice or just need a cheerleader, we have a team of people who are on your side ready to help you in any way they can. We help you transition successfully to college study at a premier university.

UA Early College staff assist our students beginning with their initial exploration of what UAEC offers each individual student. Our staff will guide you through the application process and ensure you are prepared to begin your UAEC 200 College Readiness Course. Throughout your UAEC journey, our staff are here to answer your questions and assist you as you continue earning college credit.

Seven U A Early College Peer Coaches smile, while posing in front of a large scrip APeer Coaches mentor you as you develop college-level study and time management skills. They have been through the program, so they speak from experience. They offer friendly advice, and help you stay on track in your classes. If you participate in Summer On Campus, our Peer Coach resident assistants live right there in your residence hall. They help you learn your way around, coordinate fun activities, and help ensure your safety while on campus.

Academic Advisors help you make the best decisions about your UA Early College course schedule. You decide when you want to take classes, and advisors help you decide what classes to take, based on your interests, your anticipated major, and your high school commitments—both academic and extracurricular. UA Early College students take “core” academic classes that apply to any major, no matter what you decide to major in.

Student Success Coaches work hand-in-hand with our faculty to monitor the progress of students’ academic performance. As needed, a Student Success Coach can collaborate with students to ensure they have a clearly defined path for success in their courses.

Esteemed UA Faculty are experts in their academic fields. They are student-centered and respond quickly to your questions by email, web chat, online office hours, and phone.

UAEC 200 College Readiness Course ensures that you are ready for college study. You earn your first two UA credit hours in UAEC 200. You participate in your first class, orientation session either on campus, online, or in your local area. Then, you complete the UAEC 200 College Readiness Course online during the 5 weeks following orientation. In UAEC 200, you learn:

Smiling high school students interact with a University of Alabama instructor while listening to a lecture, in an on campus classroom

  • How to navigate online courses
  • Time management
  • Reading college text and preparing for college tests
  • Research skills, using UA Libraries Online
  • Freshman writing skills (proper citations, avoiding plagiarism)
  • College communication and email etiquette
  • How to format a college paper using the latest MLA
  • And most importantly, how to be a successful college student!

UA academic resources are accessible online or on campus: the UA Libraries, the Writing Center and the Center for Academic Success that offers free tutoring.