In a college classroom filled with students and laptops, a U A Early College student raises her hand, confident that she has the right answer.

Apply to UA Early College

Complete an online application and ask your counselor to submit your high school transcript to UA Early College. You must be a current sophomore, junior or senior in high school with a 3.0 or higher grade point average (or the equivalent), cumulative since the ninth grade.

Take UAEC 200 College Readiness Course

UAEC 200 teaches you how to be a successful college student. All students are required to pass UAEC 200 to be eligible for any further courses, including online courses as well as the Summer On Campus experience.

Choose When to Take Classes

An academic advisor will provide you with a list of specific courses and semester dates. We help you decide when and what classes to take based on your anticipated college major and high school commitments.