All UA Early College Students pay the University’s Distance Learner tuition rate. The Distance Learning tuition rate for the 2022-2023 academic year is $385 per credit hour. UA Early College Students that live in the state of Alabama are eligible for a 50% tuition scholarship, if they meet the 3.0 high school GPA admission requirement. University of Alabama faculty/staff and their dependents are eligible for additional tuition benefits through the Educational Benefit. The Educational Benefit Form must be completed by the appropriate deadline outlined by Human Resources for the benefit to apply for the upcoming semester. Contact the Human Resources Service Center to learn more about how you can combine the UA Early College partial tuition scholarship with your faculty/staff dependent educational benefit.

Human Resources Service Center Contact Information

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Phone number: 205-348-7732
Fax: 205-348-8755

UA Educational Benefit Taxation

Educational benefits received by a University employee, his/her spouse, and/or child(ren) may be taxable to the employee.

For those educational benefits which are taxable, Federal, State, and Social Security taxes will be withheld from the employee’s payroll checks at the end of each semester in which the educational benefit was received.

The Tax Office will notify the employee by email in advance of the taxation.

For questions or clarification about the educational benefit taxation, contact Carleen Johnson, Tax Analyst at 205-348-6949 or

What is a “Credit Hour”?

Basically, a credit hour is a unit of educational credit. A course is measured by the average hours of instruction a student can expect to receive each week of the semester. Most college courses are 3 credit hours long, but courses requiring additional instruction (like labs, foreign languages, or writing courses) can be 4 credit hours long.

*The UAEC 200: College Readiness Course is a 2 credit hour course.

Let’s do the Math

Example of Tuition Costs for the UAEC 200 Course

Description Cost/Credit
UAEC 200: College Readiness Course (2 credit hours): $385 + $385 $770.00
Minus the 50% Partial Tuition Scholarship -$385.00
Minus the 50% UA Educational Benefit -$385.00
Leaves a net cost for the UAEC 200 course of $0

Example of Tuition Costs for 3 credit hour UA Academic Course

Description Cost/Credit
Standard UA Academic Course (3 credit hours): $385 + $385 + $385 $1,155.00
Minus the 50% Partial Tuition Scholarship -$577.50
Minus the 50% UA Educational Benefit -$577.50
Leaves a net cost for the UA 3 credit hour course of $0

Costs may not represent final determination of account balance. Rates are subject to change without prior notice. Tuition is approved by The University of Alabama Board of Trustees.

To maintain the automatic UA Early College scholarship, UA Early College students must maintain at least a 2.5 GPA in their UA classes.

Dependents of National Alumni Association Members are also eligible for a $25 University Supply Store book Scholarship (when enrolled in class).

Questions? Email: or call 205-348-7083