What’s the Difference?

Dual credit allows students to apply their college level work to both their high school curriculum and their college curriculum.

Dual enrollment refers to students taking college courses while still enrolled in high school, but only earning college credit for the course.

*All high school students who meet the UA Early College admission criteria are eligible to participate, regardless of whether or not their school awards dual credit.

Three high school students with laptops sit on a couch and discuss their college course work. Behind them is a large crimson script A, recessed into the wall and back lit.Does My School Have a Dual Credit Agreement With UA Early College?

UA Early College must have an agreement with the school district, home school, or private school in the state of Alabama. If your school is not on the list and would like more information, please email earlycollege@ua.edu.

Find out if your school has a dual credit agreement with UA Early College.

How Do Students Request a Course for Dual Credit?

Students are responsible for confirming their high school’s dual credit/dual enrollment policy with their high school counselor/designee. The student’s high school of record is responsible for determining how credit is awarded and/or posted toward high school graduation.

Students are required to meet with their UA Early College academic advisor and submit a course request each term. The student will indicate on the course request if he/she is planning to take a course for dual credit. If the student indicates the course is for dual credit, he/she will be asked for the appropriate email address based on the type of school being attended.

Public School in Alabama:

If students are taking a course for dual credit, they will be asked for their parent/guardian, principal, and counselor’s email address. We will send a dual credit approval email to the principal, counselor and parent/guardian.

Private Schools, Home School, and Out-of-State Schools:

If students are taking a course for dual credit, they will be asked for their parent/guardian’s email. UA Early College will email a dual credit approval form to the appropriate personnel based on the type of high school the student attends. Once all signatures are received, the student will be allowed to register for the course.

When Do Schools Receive the Student’s Dual Credit Certified Grade Report?

Professor giving paper to student.

After final grades are posted on the student’s University of Alabama transcript, a certified grade report will be sent to the student’s high school counselor/designee for the course(s) listed on the dual credit approval form.

How Do You Request a Certified Grade Report From a Previous Term?

Students must request a certified grade report be sent to their high school. Students are required to submit a Grade Report Request. The Grade Report Request is located inside Early College Student Resources.


Student Record and High School of Record (dual credit/dual credit) – Under Section 99.34(b), FERPA permits high schools and postsecondary institutions who have dually-enrolled students to share information. Students enrolled in both a high school and a postsecondary institution may share educational records without the consent of either the parents or the students under 99.34(b). If the student is under 18, the parents retain the right under FERPA to inspect and review any educational records maintained by the high school, including records that the college or university disclosed.