UA Early College Book Scholarship Eligibility:

  • UA Early College students are eligible for the UA Early College Book Scholarship once they meet the following criteria:
  1. Successfully completed UAEC 200
  2. Registered for their first full-term course beyond UAEC 200
  3. Students who have earned a book scholarship—that covers the total cost of books—via another UA financial source (scholarship, grant, etc) will be ineligible to receive the UAEC Book Scholarship for the corresponding semester in which the books fees are covered.

Award Amount/Payment of Awards: 

  • $75 one-time book scholarship/per student
  • The scholarship may only be utilized towards the book for the first full-term UA Early College course (after UAEC 200)
  • The scholarship must be utilized at the University Supply Store (UA Supe Store)

Application Process:

  • Students will complete a UA Early College Book Scholarship application
  • Students will be eligible to apply for the UAEC Book Scholarship one week after the start of their UAEC 200 Session
  • The book scholarship will be discussed during the UAEC 200 Student/Parent Overview Session and will be discussed again in the student’s advising session. Students will also receive communication regarding the scholarship during their time enrolled in the UAEC 200 Session.
  • The scholarship application will be available to students (after they have been admitted to UA Early College) inside Early College Student Resources (ECSR).

Award Process:

  • A scholarship committee, comprised of non-UA Early College staff, will read the applications and determine scholarship recipients.
  • Students (and parents/guardians) will be sent a scholarship award letter (electronically and in print) from UA Early College at the end of each month (based on their application date submission). The award letter will outline the scholarship amount, scholarship term dates to be used, and the scholarship award process (automatically applied to student account; Supe Store use); and UAEC contact for scholarship questions.
  • Scholarship amounts would be automatically applied to students’ accounts for the upcoming academic term (after students register for first course beyond UAEC 200).
  • If students are not registered for a course and/or have not “confirmed” their student schedules, they will not have access to scholarship funds.


For further information, please contact (205) 348-7083 or