Academic Resources

Below is a list of FREE academic resources that are available to UA Early College students. We strongly encourage students to utilize these resources, not only to do well in course work, but to develop and grow as a student.


UAEC Learning Community Coordinator

Location: 216 Russell Hall 

Phone Number: (205) 348-7083

Person of Contact: Karley Fernandez (

Services: Assists with transition to college-level work and guides in creation of academic action plan. She is available to students with general questions about study habits or ideas for becoming a more effective student. She will also proactively reach out to students that may not be performing as well as they could. In addition, Ms. Fernandez oversees the Summer On Campus program. 


UAEC Peer Coaches

Location: 216 Russell Hall

Phone Number: (205) 348-7083

Services: These are former UA Early College students and current University of Alabama students are here to mentor you, offer advice and tips with your courses, and help you develop great time-management skills. 


Center for Academic Success

Location: Russell Hall

Phone Number: (205) 348-5175

Services: Online and on campus tutoring and walk-in class sessions.

Person of Contact: Anthony Winston 

Online Tutoring:

The Writing Center

Location: 332 Lloyd Hall

Phone: (205) 348-5049

Person of Contact: Amy Dayton

Services: One-on-one consultations, draft revision, and research aid. 

Online Services:


UA Libraries

Location: Gorgas Library

Phone Number: (205) 348-6047

Services: Book check-out, printing, 3D printing, Media Center, and 24-hour access to much more. 



Office of Disability Services

Location: 1000 Houser Hall

Phone Number: (205) 348-4285

Services: Academic accommodations for University of Alabama students who submit appropriate documentation of their disability. 


Services: Submit research papers to give you an originality report (to check for plagiarism). 

Link available in Early College Student Resources (ECSR)


Computer Access

Location: 125 Gordon Palmer Hall (8:00am-4:30pm)

Phone: (205) 348-5555