Meet Your Support Team


Victoria WhitfieldDr. Victoria Whitfield, Director

Dr. Whitfield is a Tuscaloosa native. In her role as director, she oversees all of UA Early College. She has a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in Secondary Education- English/ Language Arts, as well as a PhD. in Curriculum and Instruction. Dr. Whitfield spent many years working as an administrator and a high school English teacher. Students and parents contact Dr. Whitfield when special circumstances arise that are outside the scope of another staff members' expertise. She enjoys hearing the positive experiences of UA Early College students and parents. 

Fun Fact: Dr. Whitfield is a proud three-time alum of The University of Alabama.

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Pam Mixon

Mrs. Pam Mixon, Assistant Director

Mrs. Mixon is from Hamilton, Alabama. She has a bachelor’s and a master’s in Secondary Education, as well as a master’s in Educational Administration and an Educational Specialist degree in Educational Leadership. As the assistant director, she oversees student achievement and co-oversees the Summer On Campus program (SOC). In addition, Mrs. Mixon works closely with high school counselors and UA faculty to ensure students have the resources they need to be successful. Students and parents contact Mrs. Mixon when they have questions about courses or the SOC program. 

Fun Fact: She has five grandchildren and can be found at most sporting events cheering on the Tide.

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Jennifer Hayes

Mrs. Jennifer Hayes, Program Manager - Recruiting and Marketing

Mrs. Hayes is a native of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. She works with our recruiting specialists and marketing team to outline recruiting and communication efforts for students and families across the state of Alabama and the United States. In addition, Mrs. Hayes builds relationships with high school counselors, school administrators, and members of the Parent Leadership Council. Students or parents may call her if they have questions about communication or events. Mrs. Hayes enjoys the team focused efforts her job presents, ensuring students are able to receive the best from the program.

Fun Fact: She loves to pull practical jokes on friends and family. 

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Lee CarterMs. Lee Carter, Enrollment Coordinator

Ms. Carter is from Butler, Alabama. She’s been with UA Early College since it began in 2009. In her position, Ms. Carter admits students, awards scholarships, coordinates classes, and helps students enroll in those classes. Students contact her when they need help enrolling in a class. Parents contact her if they have questions about their student's account information. She enjoys most allaying the fears of students and parents regarding higher education and representing UA with the highest degree of integrity. 

Fun Fact: Ms. Carter, her two children, and her daughter-in-law are all graduates of UA.

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Sergia Ceja

Sergio Ceja, Recruiting Specialist (Central Alabama)

Mr. Ceja’s hometown is Lexington, Nebraska. As a UA Early College Recruiting Specialist, Mr. Ceja travels across the Central Alabama territory sharing with students and their families what makes UA Early College so special. Students, parents, and counselors contact Mr. Ceja to learn about the perks of taking college courses as a high school student, or to schedule high school visits. He loves to assist students in making their dreams become reality by helping them transition from high school to college.

Fun Fact: Mr. Ceja is fluent in both English and Spanish. He would also like to learn Danish, Italian, and Japanese someday.

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Karley FernandezMs. Karley Fernandez, Program Coordinator - Summer Programs

Ms. Fernandez is from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. As the Program Coordinator of Summer Programs, she oversees, plans, coordinates, and promotes the Summer On Campus and LEAP programs. Students reach out to Ms. Fernandez if they are interested in or are participating in either summer program. Parents may contact her for any information regarding the programs or their students’ participation in SOC or LEAP. She enjoys watching students grow academically, socially, and emotionally as they prepare for their college careers.

Fun Fact: She has a love for lyricism and has written 500+ songs, but has never attempted to publish them.

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Leslee GriggersMs. Leslee Griggers, Recruiting Specialist (South Alabama)

Ms. Griggers enjoys visiting her home town of Monroeville, AL. As UA Early College’s south Alabama recruiting specialist she travels across the state and nation to share exciting possibilities with students, parents, and school counsels. Students and parents contact her with questions or when they are interested in learning about earning college credit while in high school. Ms. Griggers enjoys giving students the support and guidance they need to successfully transition into college, and achieve their academic goals.

Fun Fact: Ms. Griggers loves dancing and is always up for a good pun. Listen to her carefully, she will sometimes slip into a random accent!

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Wendy HoggleMrs. Wendy Hoggle, Academic Advisor

Mrs. Hoggle's hometown is Cleveland, Ohio. As an academic advisor, her role is to assist students with course selection based on their anticipated major. She also serves as the dual credit contact for high school counselors and students. Students schedule an advising appointment with Mrs. Hoggle each semester they want to take a course with UA Early College. Parent involvement is welcome in the student academic advising sessions and processes. She finds it most rewarding to see the students grow academically. 

Fun Fact: In her spare time, Mrs. Hoggle is a bonafide cake boss. 

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Emory JohnstonMs. Emory Johnston, Student Success Coordinator

Ms. Johnston hails from Montgomery, Alabama. As the Student Success Coordinator she helps our Early College students transition from high school academics into college level learning. Her role is to promote student achievement by providing resources and tactics on how to excel in college level courses. Students reach out to her for assistance in classes or help with time management and study skills. Ms. Johnston can show students how to create goals and plans that will keep them on track in their academic work. Getting to know students and providing the encouragement and support they need is what she most looks forward to each day.

Fun Fact: She has an insatiable sweet tooth and loves to sing karaoke.

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Patti MeggsMrs. Patti Meggs, Program Assistant

Mrs. Meggs is a native of Pinson, Alabama. Her primary responsibility is maintaining the internal student database and updating student records for UA Early College. She is a primary point of contact for students and parents with general questions about the program and for any questions regarding the application/admission process. Any time Mrs. Meggs gets to meet UAEC students and hear their stories of success, it brings her joy.

Fun Fact: Not only is she an Early College employee, she is also an Early College parent.

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“JohnMr. John Adam Page, Database Marketing Coordinator

Mr. Page is from Phenix City, Alabama. His job involves working on marketing campaigns and prospective student communication, including maintaining the UA Early College website. Students and parents may communicate with Mr. Page if they send the office a question by email. They may also see him at recruiting events or on-campus functions. He enjoys helping students get a head start on their college experience and working with the UA Early College staff and faculty.

Fun Fact: He loves outdoor activities, water sports and travel.

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Lindsey PorterMrs. Lindsey Porter, Program Assistant

Mrs. Porter is from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Her primary roles at UA Early College are managing financial and budget information, ordering supplies and packing for all events, and managing recruiting materials. Additionally, she assists with responding to parent and student inquiries and is actively involved in the LEAP program. Students and parents may call her if they have general questions about Early College. She enjoys all the interactions she has with students and parents as well as working with the rest of the UAEC staff. Mrs. Porter says the people involved in the program are who make UAEC a rewarding place to work.

Fun Fact: Mrs. Porter loves brussel sprouts almost as much as she loves spending time outdoors with her husband Brantley and their two dogs, Lucy and Birdie.

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Ms. Arsheba Sanders, Office Associate IIArsheba Sanders

Ms. Sanders has always called Tuscaloosa home. She is often the first point of contact for parents and students that have questions about; the application process, accessing their course work, or needed documents. She also assist with processing applications, and supports all of the staff in UA Early College. Ms. Sanders has a love for helping high school students start their college career. 

Fun Fact: Ms. Sanders enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She loves live music, and is a regular around town listening to her favorite R&B and Jazz bands. 

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Hunter WinslettMr. Hunter Winslett, Recruiting Specialist (North Alabama)

Mr. Winslett's hometown is originally Calera, Alabama. He now calls Tuscaloosa home and serves as a Recruiting Specialist for the North Alabama territory. Students, parents or counselors may contact him to find out more information about earning college credit while in high school, or to have him visit your school. He loves helping high school students to grow academically and prepare for a successful future. This includes assisting high school students transition to college and fostering confidence in their own abilities.

Fun Fact: Mr. Winslett was previously a Waffle House cook for a summer while in college. So he knows how to make a top notch breakfast. Order Up! "

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